Visual Stimulating Luxury Handcrafts


Nebula Order produces a modern line of artisanal creations for the home, fusing modern graphic designs with traditional andean methods of fabrication, while respecting “pachamama” the quechua word for mother earth.


The result is a series of custom-made rugs specially made by a community of craftsmen near Ambato, Ecuador. Each creation is handcrafted, knot by knot [70,000 knots per square meter] in the Persian style introduced to the region by the Spanish. Nebula Order takes pride in using purely natural and untreated sheep’s wool, dyed by the hands of generations of weavers. The warp of each piece, essentially, the “soul” of the rug is made with untreated cotton.


The alpaca throws produced in the Arequipa region of Peru, Come from the highest, most noble quality of baby alpaca, elaborated with a combination of the contributions of technology and creativity, while maintaining a strict commitment to the natural environment.


This innovative collection’s color palette combines the bright colored textiles of the andean regions’ natives with the colors found in nature—desert tones, deep blues, rustic sands, raven black, and vibrant, lush greens. Each design evokes a symbol and a ritual, with elegant geometric forms and stark lines, intertwining textiles with modern concepts and traditional weaving techniques, in essence, connecting the past with the future.


Tradition, nature and landscape are ongoing sources of inspiration to the aesthetic and concept behind nebula order. The sacred geometry depicted in the ruthless, scintillating landscapes of the region, a place where the natives celebrate and live from the earth and its natural gifts, come to form in each creation.


Nebula order designs recall to childhood stories of "the chagras" — the adventurous andean cowboy who roamed the cotopaxi highlands spending his nights gazing at the vast skies, sleeping under the moon and stars, as well as the empowering views of the “cordillera real” where the mountains align creating a vividly memorable image.